The Same Name

There’s s a little chaos that happens when Erics meet. I’m sure each name has it’s own idiosyncrasies; us Eric’s most prominent is the C or K or even the freakish C-K that can (doesn’t mean you should, C-Ks) end our first name. There may one day be a Hana cringing at this spelling of Hannah, and I’m sorry. For fairness: sup… Ericks…. I’ve met Erics and Ericas of all races and ages. I don’t know if our parents or unoriginal or trailblazers, but the google result sounds really cool and invokes the word “ruler,” so it’s possibly just a…

Poem: Routine Compassion,Triple Homicide Denver

3 people found dead near I-25 and Broadway last week were killed by gunshots, Denver coroner says Everyone wants Turn up at compassion Left out from the check list prayer before bed Danger streets awake at night Sleeping through the safety of day Still not safe Thinking about my empty garage The empty spaces in my lawn Inherited pots remind me Stew, chili, soup High yield routine compassion Ladled out While I eat $3 yogurt Caring more because the bodies People found 500 ft. off my light-rail stop